Repurposing Content: 6 Steps to Boost Backlinks & Rankings 5x

Do you frequently make a great post on your blog yet you still don’t see the traffic or customers rolling in?

In 2021, creating content is more than just writing niche-specific articles on your blog. Now there are a ton of different types of content and different ways to share these pieces of content.

In the article, we are going to teach you how to create high-quality content from one piece of content that will get you more backlinks and organic traffic.

Step 1: Create Base Article

First, you need to create a quality blog post that is at least 1500 words, but the more the better.

If you have previous blog posts or articles that did really well then or are more than 1500 words, then this method can be done for those as well.

There are strong correlations between the length of your content and its organic rankings.

Neil Patel did a study that shows longer content gets ranked higher, so it’s very important to not only make this content long, but quality as well.

You also want to make this content high quality and long because we are going to re-purpose it a bunch to create even more killer content that will bring in more backlinks and visitors.

That means including stats, quotes, images and other pieces of content that increase the quality and value of your article.

When you have created this amazing article, post it on your blog and share it to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Step 2:  Build a PowerPoint Slide

Now that you have a really awesome piece of content, we are going to cut it up and put it into a Powerpoint slide.

You should have built your content in a well-structured way so that you can easily break it up into pieces for a PowerPoint slide.

Use fun and engaging images (can even use images from your blog post) and just copy important parts of your content into the PowerPoint slides.

If your article was around 1500 words then you should be able to create at least a 20 slide PowerPoint using your previously created content.

A great way to build your brand with PowerPoint slides is to put your logo/company on the first and last slide so that you can build brand awareness as well.

When you are finished with your newly created PowerPoint, it’s time to share it on the web to gain some nice backlinks.

Share your PowerPoint slide on these sites:

Make sure you link back to your original content so you get that backlink from each site.

If you had 20 original articles on your website this method could generate another 80 backlinks to your site.

Step 3: Create Video Content

Now that you have a nice PowerPoint slide, you can use it to create a Slideshow video with a voiceover and upload it to popular video sites.

Just use a simple screen recorder like Ice-cream Screen Recorder, and record your slideshow as you make a presentation about it over the microphone.

If you want to get crazy, you can use a video editor to add in intro and ending frames with your company/business name on them for brand awareness and exposure.

Once your video is complete, upload it to popular video sharing sites like:


Be sure to paste your original article’s link into the description of the video and write 100-200 word description of the video after to get a nice do follow backlink from these video sites.

If you had 20 articles you could create 200 more backlinks with this method!

Step 4: Design & Launch an Infographic

Infographics take a little more time, but they can provide a plethora of great backlinks and social shares if done correctly.

Using the original (and awesome) article you wrote, create a stunning infographic that displays the contents information in a unique and interesting way.

Infographics with interesting facts and data shown in a stunning way often get the most backlinks and shares.

Look at some examples of popular infographics to use as a base for your designing and creating.

Be sure to integrate your logo/company into the infographic so that you can gain some brand awareness while also getting some more backlinks.

When your infographic is complete share it on your blog, social media profiles, to your email subscribers and on these sites:

When each site asks for the source of the Infographic, enter your URL for a great backlink and your Infographic image as well.

If you created 20 infographics with your old content this method could give you 200 more backlinks to your website.

Step 5: Spin & Add to Web 2.0 Websites

Now, you can take your article you wrote and break each section into its own 400-500 word article.

Get a good article spinner like TheBestSpinner, spin the articles and paste them into web 2.0 websites.

Create web 2.0 websites with the keywords as the domain and post your spun articles with naked urls back to your original article.

Some good web 2.0 sites to add your spun content to are:

Just sign up to each site for free and create a unique sub-domain and past your spun content with a backlink from each web 2.0 page.

If you have 20 blog posts, this method can gain you 140 more backlinks to your website.

Step 6: Create Audio Content

Creating audio content and sharing it on audio sharing websites can give you some good backlinks from high DA websites.

Simply record a voiceover of yourself reading the blog post out loud and save it as an audio file.

If you don’t want to do a voiceover, you can hire someone on Fivvr to do a voiceover of your blog post for only $5.

Once you have your audio file, simply share it on all the popular audio sharing sites like:

With 20 blog post the audio content method can give you an additional 160 backlinks to your site.

Wrapping Up

So going with our ongoing example, if you had 20 blog posts on your website, using this 6 step method could get you over 780 extra backlinks.

The key to this method is to start out with the best content because that will flow through to all the other pieces of content that you will create using this method.

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