Control Your SEO with AI

Tyton SEO features advanced AI algorithms to track, manage and improve your website’s SEO, resulting in more traffic and sales.

Website Health Score

Our algorithm uses your custom data from keywords, backlinks, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other sources to calculate the overall health score of your SEO.

The better your website SEO health, the better you can rank in Google and other search engines.

seo growth potential

See Your Growth Potential

With our AI technology, you can see the growth potential for your website and see how much you can grow with SEO optimization.

Connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console for a more accurate estimation of traffic and revenue growth potential.

Try it today and see how much growth potential your website has!

Get Actionable Tasks

Tyton SEO’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm will scan your website for the latest SEO factors and give you actionable objectives to fix your SEO and rank higher in search engines.

From thin content to core web vitals, our AI software will run a deep scan on your website, backlinks and keywords.

seo tasks growth plan
traffic overview

Your AI Marketing Assistant

Stay on top of your SEO with Tyton SEO’s proprietary SEO Artificial Intelligence system that helps you stay in control of your search engine optimization.

View technical on-page SEO health, backlinks, keywords, and get a growth plan customized to your website.