8 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful content management system on the web today… and it’s even free!

If you run a small business, then you should really consider running your website on the WordPress CMS platform.


Well, in this article I am going to tell you 8 reasons that your small business website should use WordPress.

It’s Completely Free

The best thing about WordPress is… It’s completely free!

Why waste thousands of dollars on a custom content management system, when you can simply use the most powerful CMS for free?

Now you may be wondering how WordPress can be so big and be free…

This is where a lot of people get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is the free open-source software that you can download and use on your website for free.

While WordPress.com is a privately held company that the original creator of WordPress built to offer WordPress hosting to anyone using the software.

To download WordPress for free, visit their Downloads page.

Easy Setup

WordPress is relatively simple to install and setup for any beginner webmaster.

A professional wordpress designer and developer like myself can get a WordPress website up and running in about 2-3 minutes.

In fact, most hosting companies these days have cPanel installed which often features 1-click WordPress install applications, like Softaculous, that make installing WordPress super easy.

The CMS is very non-coder friendly… meaning you can easily get a WordPress website up without knowing any code at all.

Large Community

One of the biggest reasons WordPress has become so popular is that is has such a large following and community.

This makes fixing bugs and finding help for your WordPress website very easy.

WordPress.org has its own support forum that is very active and contains tons of awesome archives of great tips.

You can learn things like how to install WordPress or post feature requests for WordPress developers.

If you ever come across an issue or problem with WordPress, it’s likely that someone else has had that problem and figured out how to fix it already.

This is another reason why WordPress is so good for small businesses.

Easy-to-use Interface

WordPress was built to make creating and launching websites easier for non-coders.

The backend interface allows almost anyone to run and manage their own website.

Inside the admin area you can fully manage your website like creating/editing posts, pages, menus, forms and uploading images.

There are even plugins that make the interface even more easy to use!

Simple Theming

Making your website stand-out and unique is much easier with WordPress.

There are literally thousands of custom themes that you can install on your WordPress site.

WordPress.org features some basic themes that you can use or you can buy a theme from websites like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster.

You can even get a custom WordPress theme designed by a professional web designer.

Installing themes only takes a few minutes and can be done with just a few clicks.

Most themes even come with an options tab where you can change/personalize your theme without even touching code.

Tons of Plugins

Plugins are a huge plus for small businesses using WordPress.

In 2021, there are almost 60,000 plugins that you can add to your default WordPress install to extend and expand the functionality of your website. In English, this means that you can customize how your site works with simple add-ons.

If you want to add a calendar or a contact form to your website, there’s a plugin for that!

If you are interested in checking all of the plugins that are offered, visit the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Great for SEO

Out of the box WordPress is pretty SEO-friendly but with an install of a single plugin, it can be SEO powerhouse.

WordPress has been around for a long time and its basic structure if familiar to Google which gives it some priority over other websites that may not have a good structure.

Also, being a CMS allows WordPress to have dynamic pages that can show certain tags for each page, increasing the on-page SEO ranking factors like meta tags and canonical URLs.

One of the best plugins for optimizing your WordPress site for SEO is the Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin is easy to install/configure and features all the latest SEO guidelines that will boost your website high in the Search Engines allowing your small business to grow.

Very customizable

WordPress is open source…. which means you literally have access to all the code that makes the software work.

This makes WordPress a powerhouse for almost any type of website you can think of. You can modify any code you want to change the functionality of the site.

Note that changing the WordPress core files is not recommended unless you are a highly skilled WordPress developer.


In conclusion, we talked about 8 important reasons that small businesses should use WordPress for their website.

Not only is it fast, customizable, free and open source but it’s great for advanced web developers as well as the average Joe.

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